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Wake up with WECO!

Wake Up With WECO!

We drink A LOT of coffee to power through all of our orders, and our caffeine of choice is @Wolfrockcoffee. So it brings us great pleasure to announce our partnership with our dear friends to bring you some of the best coffee around. Wolf Rock Coffee Roasters is an environmentally-motivated micro roastery that strives to effect positive change by sourcing single origin coffees, and powering their roaster with only the sun’s energy! Their social index allows them to be even more selective about the way in which they choose their green coffee. Social indexing has a global impact by benefiting the coffee plantations most in need of support. Inspired by the poignant solitude of Carlisle’s Wolf Rock, they donate a portion of their profits to a wolf conservation organization. And, everything is compostable- they’re legit. If you’d like to secure a 12oz bag of their super exclusive WECO blend, shoot us a message! Bags are $14, and we have ONLY 8 left!

Weco Hospitality

Weco Hospitality

We’re Rachel and Gav, and we love to cook. We started WECO HOSPITALITY because of the current pandemic. For us, like many others, our careers have been put on hold. However, now more than ever we need to stick together, so we decided to offer a service that not only feeds our passion but feeds you too.