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Weco Grocery Delivery and Cooking Classes!

If there’s one thing we know how to do (besides cooking), it’s the art of the pivot.

No kitchen, NO PROBLEM! While we are almost certain it won’t be long until we’re up and running again, we’ve realized we don’t like not working…and we have sooo much to offer! We’ve booked a ton of private dinners and parties (which is amazing!) but we got more in store!

Introducing The WECO grocery delivery and a live cooking class. What is that? Answers below:

  • We will order all ingredients, package and deliver your grocery list for each night’s dinner by 3 pm day of.
  • A live zoom meeting at 5(ish) pm where we will cook with you your dinner for that night! You will be able to ask any questions and do the process directly with us so you can eat the tasty eats in your home!
  • We will record the zoom call, so you’ll have it forever!
  • One meal kit will serve 2-4 people.
  • Price is the cost of groceries plus $40 per household for the cooking class.
  • Limited spots per day available.

This class is for all levels of cooks out there. Beginners welcomed!! Maybe you don’t know the difference between a skillet and a saute pan? NEITHER DID I! We gotchu, and will walk you through everything, step by step. No need to be intimidated. Which brings me to the first WECO Cooking lesson: OWN THE PAN, or knife, or crock pot- whatever it may be. You are in charge and the master of your meal’s fate- not the other way around. Cooking is about confidence, and we’re here to help you obtain that chef swag.

Please respond if you’re interested! We’ll be sending out more details at the end of the week to those who reply!

Thanks again! Looking forward to serving our WECO fam tasty eats! As always, stay safe and spread love!

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