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“Guys, that was the most DELICIOUS dinner I’ve had this year…”

Hi I just wanted to reach out and Thank You for cooking the Thanksgiving sides! We got the cranberry sauce and gravy! My dad is 65 and I am quoting him on this he thought it was the best gravy he’s ever had and he’s tried lots of gravies!!

The orichette Absolutely delish and my favorite. Was a hit with the whole family. Bring it back soon!

Just saw on the Insta that you are doing the sides, soups, etc. for Thanksgiving…that’s damn brilliant!! You realize people are going to lose their minds over this?!

Seriously, you guys have turned a pandemic mess into a cult following that serves up so much love and amazing food. Keep up the magic!

“It’s official, I want WECO to cook all my meals forever. WECO you are divine.”

Best part of the day- minimal cooking thanks to Weco sides!! Thank you!

Just finished our first WECO dinner and entire family went back for seconds! The chips were addictive, the steak and rice delicious! We are so happy we’ve signed up to receive your weekly emails and will continue ordering. Looking forward to beef stroganoff on Thursday.

“This braised curry chicken was maybe my favorite dish yet. That squash!!!”

“Bacon, butter, Beyoncé, WECO. Things that make everything better.”

I am finding you are like jazz musicians. You take a common dish and do a riff on the original.

Nothing like any pot roast I have ever made.

“The ramen was just amazing! Incredibly flavorful. One of our fav meals from you guys!! Yum!!”

Tuesday dinner was incredible. We can’t stop talking about the eggplant especially. Hope it’s a repeat menu item! Thank you! 🙂

We’ve had a lot of delicious meals from WECO and it’s hard to pick a favorite (or even list the top 5), but last night was certainly one of the best! We don’t remember life before WeCo and we certainly couldn’t make it through the week without it now. Thank you for all you’re doing to provide this incredible service!

Still rooting for a return of the cauliflower steaks

“It was amazing! And even better as leftovers for lunch today!”

Thanksgiving food was amazing wow thank you again forgot to text hope you guys are well

“As much as I love cooking fresh meals, I appreciate not having to cook every night even more. You guys are making our evenings very relaxing. It’s not just the cooking — it’s the meal planning and shopping, and the prepping. If I leave work by 6, it is 8 o’clock by the time we eat. Thank you for doing what you do, so I can do what I do.
“Unicorns do exist.”

“Never cooking again. Thank you WECO!”

I just have to say- tonight was AMAZING! The French toast took me back to the awesome Mother’s Day Brunch from WECO and the sausage gravy was like nothing I have ever tasted. Huge, huge, huge hit – please do this again and thank you!

“Another delicious meal! The duck confit was so delish! & the frisee salad too… I am usually not a fan of cabage but this cabbage was amazing, crisp, caramelized, perfect!”


Last night’s dinner, duck confit, was wonderful. We felt like we were eating at a French bistro — even at our kitchen table. We enjoyed our wine too!

I just ate this meal again bc I had leftovers.

Literally the best thing ever. I want all the recipes. Especially that baba ganoush and the beef.

Anyways I just wanted to let you know it was so so so good and should defs be offered again in your rotation!

We are new customers and #1 fans!! Your meals last week were delicious and truly a lifesaver to my family! I’m a single working mom with 2 of my 4 teenage/adult kids at home and we all have huge appetites. I’m strung out all the time with zero time to spare to plan, cook, order, prepare food etc and I’ve tried several solutions and none have really worked for us.

We are just thrilled to have found WECO! Thank you!

“A moment of silence for all other slaws, because this is the goat. Thank you WECO!”

“Nothing in my fridge but beer and WECO – a perfect state of affairs.”

OMG that was so yummy. Only problem is that I could have eaten bowls and bowls of each item. The flavors you get out of ingredients are out of this world. Excellent dinner, More please sir……..

“One of the few good things to come out of Covid.
“So delicious we are doing this every week!”

“WECO breaks all barriers. World class.”
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