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WECO Menu 10/19-10/23

M | ROASTED PORK LOIN heritage pork loin with a honey mustard glaze.
duck fat roasted fingerling potatoes + sweet onion.
charred broccolini with rosemary oil.
local applesauce with fall spices.

T | SOUP + SANDWICHES fresh ciabatta banh mi with roast pork, bacon, cucumber, cilantro, pickles, and sriracha aioli.
curried squash soup + caramel coated pepitas.
glass noodle salad with pickled beets + herbs

W | BIBIMBAP RICE BOWLS soy marinated bavette steak.
jasmine rice, marinated cucumber, pickled carrot + daikon radish, kimchi, fresh herbs, chili oil.
baby bok choy with yuzu sesame dressing.

TH | PUMPKIN PASTA farfalle pasta with pumpkin fondue, kale, caramelized onions, fontina, basil.
roasted hazelnut + parmesan pesto.
mixed greens + honey mustard vinaigrette.
chef Theo’s famous garlic bread.

F | CHICKEN POT PIE braised chicken thighs, mirepoix, volute, gold potatoes, crimini mushrooms, fresh thyme .
braised collard greens + preserved lemon.
cheddar and scallion cornbread.

KIDS | MAC AND CHEESE with niman ranch organic franks, shell pasta, cheddar cheese, steamed broccoli