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WECO Menu and Order Form 8/11-8/14

Here it is! Get those orders in fam:

Lots of new tasty dishes this week! Please make sure to double check your email is correct before you submit! You can find the menu and order form here. Some things to remember and know:

  • You will receive a confirmation email for each specific day you ordered by 5 pm on Monday if you are confirmed. If you do not get a specific day’s confirmation email, it means you are not confirmed for that night.
  • If you order delivery, drivers will text you when your food is dropped off!
  • If you ordered cocktails but do not get confirmed for food, we will send you an email and the link to order cocktails separately through Orange Door so you can still get all that tasty goodness in cocktail form.
  • Do you like free dinner? OF COURSE YOUR DO! Make sure to tag us on IG this week, you will automatically be entered to win a free dinner the following week!
  • When you pick up, don’t forget to check in with our friends at Orange Door about beverage pairings for your dinner each night this week! Cocktails available Thursday and Friday.

Thanks again! Looking forward to serving our WECO fam tasty eats! As always, stay safe and spread love!

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