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WECO on The Lavender Fix | July 19, 2020

WECO On The Lavender Fix | July 19, 2020

We had the opportunity to chat with the lovely Sabreen Haziq of The Lavender Fix Podcast. We talk all things WECO- the good, the great, and the f*ck ups! Check it out below!

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WECO Hospitality: A Culinary Miracle Born Amid Covid19


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In this 9th episode of The Lavender Fix podcast I interview the WECO Hospitality founders: Rachel Amiralian & Gavin Lambert, two SUPERNOVAS!

The WECO founders & owners lost their jobs due to the pandemic a few months ago and quickly pivoted to build a food business that not only provided them with a stable source of income, but also offered an amazing new service to their community and close circle. Since its opening in March, WECO has served over 5,000 meals, delivered to 30+ towns and is now averaging over 300 meals a day! In addition to bringing delicious dinners to hundreds of paying guests per day, WECO is actively donating meals to hospitals, out-of-work individuals, homeless shelters, and people who deserve a free meal.

Join us as we chat about how Gavin and Rachel’s culinary miracle, WECO, was born amid the COVID19 crisis and how they’re continuing to spread love through their amazing homestyle meals!