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WECO Week Eight Menu: 5/19-5/24

WOOOOOHOOOO! We served over 1,000 people dinner last week! 240 people one day, which is a new record!

The form for week eight below!

Here it is!

This is a friendly reminder- if you haven’t paid for last week, please do so 🙂 we’d rather not track people down!
If you are not in our delivery range for your day, we will contact you to see if you can pick up!
We are closed Saturday for a buyout…yes, we are offering buyouts now!
DO YOU TRUST US?! Sunday will be a special surprise day, the menu will be announced Sunday am to those who sign up. Allergies will be taken into consideration!
This may be the biggest news piece of all…if you find “The WECO Green Ticket” in your bag (it will be very obvious), you are guaranteed a meal of your choice next week, AND a friend of your choosing will get a FREE dinner for them, or their family!!! The WECO Green Ticket is a GO my friends!

Thanks again! Looking forward to serving our WECO fam tasty eats! As always, stay safe and spread love!

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