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A WECO Week is a week long (Monday through Friday) fundraiser for your organization. Over these five nights of dinner, your community can get dinner solved, while supporting your organization. 10% of revenue from your organization’s special menu link gets donated to your cause. Eat good, do good.

  1. We work together to schedule a time for your organization to have a WECO Week.
  2. On the Wednesday before your WECO Week, you’ll send out the unique menu URL we provide you to your organization’s email list. This gets your organization’s community ahead of the regular Thursday ordering rush! Your community will order off of this unique menu link so that the revenue generated by your organization’s community can be tracked.
  3. Enjoy the tasty eats all week long! With five nights of dinner options, there is something for everyone. Order all five nights or just one night- there is no order minimum requirement.
  4.  Eat first, pay later. Like the rest of the WECO Fam, your community will pay after they enjoy dinner! However, 10% of their paid dinner bill will go back to the organization. Good food and supporting an organization? It’s a win-win.

To set up a WECO Week, email [email protected] to pick a week that works best for your organization. It’s a relatively low effort fundraiser on your end- we’ll get our hands dirty to make it happen.

What we need from you

  • Promotion of the WECO Week to your organization. This can be done via email, social media, and word-of-mouth. Friend’s and family outside of your organization can participate too as long as you send them the unique menu link!

What we’ll handle

  • Marketing materials (but you’re welcome to make your own too)
  • The ordering, delivery, and everything in between! Like… cooking the good stuff!

Q: Do we get to choose what is on our menu?
A: The menu will be what the rest of the WECO fam is getting that week!

Q: Do we have to give our email list to you? 
A: Nope! We don’t need you to give us access to your email list. We’ll give you the unique menu URL to send out to your community on the Wednesday before the WECO Week.

Q: Is there a fee for an organization to run a WECO Week? 
A: There is no fee to participate or minimum number of households participating to run a WECO Week!

Q: How much promotion does the WECO Week need?
A: This is up to you! The more people in your community who are aware of the WECO Week, hopefully the more participate! But, it is probably best to have at least 3 weeks of promotion. We do recommend that there is at least 1 email newsletter blast sent out to your community to make them aware- dinner time does require some planning!

“I writing because I ordered meals last week to support the Duffy school fundraiser. We were so impressed with the quality of the meals and the convenience of the delivery that we ordered again this week. I have told everyone I know about you guys. My one friend said I sounded like an infomercial. I sent a meal home with my brother, who lives in Westchester NY, one night. He called me and said “I want this by me!”Keep up the great work. And keep growing. You’ve got something good on your hands.”

– Parent, Duffy Elementary School (CT)

“Weco was a terrific company to partner with for our school fundraiser. They were organized, resourceful, and always responded to communications in a timely manor. Our school had a very successful Weco week – we raised a lot of money and ate great food. We look forward to doing it again next year”!

-Anthea, Angier Elementary School (MA)


“From our perspective, I believe we all very impressed and grateful for how easy it was to collaborate with WeCo.  I would add that it helps to have someone on the beneficiary side that is savvy with social media and graphic design to help with promotion for the WeCo week.  Amy and others were very effective in getting the word out also because they are plugged into the different circles in town. The WeCo infrastructure makes it easy to order, but the onus is on the WeCo week beneficiary to help promote the effort through different channels that WeCo may not be as connected to”.

-Andy, Carlisle Public School Garden (MA)

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