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WECO Hospitality


WECO was founded in March 2020 as a way to bring light to our local community during the dark days of the pandemic. 

Our local chefs create culinary delights by transforming ethically sourced ingredients from farmers and purveyors into family-style dinners that will have your family running to the dinner table.

With a focus on seasonal ingredients, our menu changes weekly to offer variety for your palate.



WE ARE BRINGING Back the Dinner Table

Why? As a society, Americans are spending less and less time gathering at the dinner table at the end of their day. With work schedules, home schooling, and simply life in general, there’s little time to plan, shop, prep, cook, and clean. WECO’s mission is to help reverse that trend, and get families to come together around healthy, delicious, fresh offerings, from the farm to our chefs to your table.

To create a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for our chefs

Chefs often work brutally long hours, nights, weekends, and holidays hidden away in kitchens. They rarely get recognized for the beautiful food they create. WECO provides a healthy, positive work environment, fair hours and pay, and recognition for the team who works so hard to create great food.

To support our local farmers

WECO sources as locally as possible, as often as possible! We are not about industrial food that is shipped long distances to sit in a warehouse, prepared in a factory, frozen, then sent to you (in massive amounts of packaging).

To educate consumers about the food they eat

The food industry lacks transparency about the sources, cost, environmental impact, sustainability and ethics of the ingredients that go into your dinner. WECO embodies the concept of mindful eating through our ethical sourcing, responsible cooking practices, and transparent pricing.

To Solve Food Waste

30–40% of food produced in the US is wasted each year. WECO operates in as close to a zero food waste environment as possible because we can order precisely the amount we need to serve our customers each day.

To Give Back

WECO donates dinners to local families who are food insecure, directly and through organizations that support hunger relief.


Meet the Team

Jennifer Fremont-smith
jennifer fremont-smith

Jennifer Fremont-Smith

CEO and Co-Founder
Theo Ball
Theo Ball

Theo Ball

Sous Chef
Lyca Bloom
Lyca Bloom

Lyca Blume

Expo Manager
Genevieve Giampietro
Genevieve Giampietro

Genevieve Giampietro

Cara Holmes

Cara Holmes

Content and Customer Acquisition
Matt Kenah
Matt Kenah

Matt Kenah

Dan LaFond
Dan LaFond

Dan LaFond

Operations Manager

Todd Maher

Prep Cook


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