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The Daquolada

Do you like piña coladas? And getting caught in the rain? Us too. Okay maybe not the getting caught in the rain part, but we do have half a brain LOL. How about daiquiris? Do you like those? Well we’ve got the drink for you, and it’s called the Daquolada. The genius pairing of creamy coconut and strawberry flare.  It pairs well with rum, but makes a fab mocktail on its own. It’s a party regardless. Anyways, come with us and escape!

Total prep time: Maybe 5 minutes, maybe none!

What’s in your bag:

  • Your delicious drank!
  • Strawberry + coconut rim

What you’ll need from home:

  • A cup and some ice!
  • Maybe some rum? Some tequila? Possibilities are endless! 

How to prep:

  1. Shake, shake, shake! (make sure the lid is on tight!)
  2. Rim your glass with that perfect combo 🙂

Two options:

  • Mocktail: Pour about 6 oz over ice and top it with some club soda! Give it a little stir. Want to get fancy? Try throwing it in the blender 😉
  • Cocktail: Pour 4 oz over ice and add a 2oz. shot of your liquor of choice.  Top with some sparkling water, if you’d like. 

And that’s it! DRINKS solved, drinks served 🙂 #weareWECO

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