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All you need is some WECO magic!

‘Tis the season, Fam! Presents… food… snow… food… holiday movies… and food. It’s not lost on us that food is central to this magical season. And since food is central to what we do, too, it’s kinda a perfect fit. 

Here’s how WECO can be there for you over the next few weeks as we strive (as always) to bring more glittery magic (aka deliciousness and ease) into your lives.

Deliciously Easy Gifting + WECO Giving Week

Been to a store lately? Fam, the ol’ Christmas stockings hung over the fireplace with care may be a smidge lighter due to the fact that a lot of stuff ain’t in stock. So go for WECO gift cards for everyone on your nice list! You’ll be giving them the gift of time back in their busy days and oodles of delicious food.

Plus, because giving is just as important as gifting, we’re matching 10% of each gift card purchase through 12/1 and donating it to Community Servings and their Pie in the Sky initiative.

Comfort Food for the Comfiest Season

Stock up on some of our Fam faves, freeze them and enjoy throughout the season. Comfort food drops coming at you for pickup or delivery on December 11th, December 23rd, and December 24th.

WECO Winter Comfort Food

Look out for details on the specific menu items!

Ordering opening soon, stay tuned! Make sure you’re signed up to receive the menu so you get the 411 once the menu drops.

New Year's Eve in Your Pajamas, but Fancy

Stay in your pajamas, but don’t compromise on your dinner game. We’re having a fancy schmancy New Year’s Eve spread, plus comfort foods for the day after, all to be delivered on 12/31.

Ordering opening soon, stay tuned! And make sure you’re on our email list so you get the 411 once the menu drops!


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